Silver Corporation is a Trading Organization, which trades in Metals,Petrochemicals & Minerals. Silver Corporation was a brainchild of Mr. Shahid Azher Siddiqui, (Proprietor & Managing Director). On July 1st 1983 Silver Corporation was officially born. Silver Corporation is based right in the heart of commercial city known as Karachi. Silver Corporation is one of the oldest, leading and most respected raw material suppliers in Pakistan. From Primary Metals such as Aluminium, Copper and Iron & Steel to Petrochemicals, Packaging, Cement and Coal, in these two subsequent decades Silver Corporation has earned a reputation for itself as a market leader in supplying raw materials to various industries and as a company that does not compromise on its quality of services. As a result the Company has gained a position as being one of the premium suppliers of Cables raw material to the wire and cable industry in the country.

Silver Corporation trades in Primary and Secondary Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Petrochemicals, Cement, P.P, Steam Coal, Cable Machinery and Scraps. Silver Corporation has in-depth knowledge and experience of the market where it does business and fully backed by the ample resources of the prestigious suppliers all over the world.
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Silver Corporation has made great stride in introducing world class products on the domestic market sector. Thus contributing a major role in supplying all the raw materials for cable and wire manufacturing industry as well as many other chemicals, Iron and Steel Industry as well as Mechanical and Packaging sectors with the remarkable growth and turnaround during the recent economic hardship. With the market experience of almost three decades and looking forward to many more, Silver Corporation continues to excel into the market and promises to be a dynamic force.

The 21st century will be an age of chemistry, innovations and products made possible through advance information technologies hold the potential to make even our wildest of future come true and alive. On the technology front, we have made a great deal for progress in recent years to expand our operation into selling of Polypropylene (P.P) and Steam Coal into Pakistan market.

We are opening ourselves to the front rank in fulfilling our customers need from the world renewed and reliable source of supplies with the product quality, completive pricing, timely shipments and satisfactory results. For our outstanding services there is no better way to say other than: "We always run after new business but leave hold customer always satisfied".

In this modern age of information and technology, Our goal at silver corporation is to continue to be more successful, more and reliable and more competitive supplier of raw material to the wire and cable manufacturing industry, as well as a major supplier of Polypropylene, Polyethylene and all other Petrochemical items to suitable and valued customers in domestic and international scene as its relentless pursuit of exploring new years to serve customer growing needs.


Thank you

M.D. Shahid A. Siddiqui.


Non-Ferrous Metals

• Aluminium Ingots, Purity 99.7% Min, 99.85% min and 99.9% Min.
• Aluminium Alloys Ingots
• Aluminium Extrusion Billets AA6063
• Aluminium Extrusion Scraps
• Copper Rod - 8.00 mm Diameter
• Copper Cathodes - Registered & Equivalent Brands
• Copper Shielding Tapes
• Master Alloys

Ferrous Metals

• Cold Rolled Steel Coils / Sheets / Plates / Strips
• Hot Rolled Steel Coils / Sheets / Plates / Strips / Checker Plates
• High Carbon Steel Wire Rod
• Low Carbon Steel Wire Rod
• Angles
• Channels
• "I" & "H" Beams
• Pig Iron
• HMS (Heavy Melting Steel) - 1 & 2
• Squares

Plastic Raw Material

• P.P Filler Yarn
• PVC Compounds Cabel Grade & Shoe Grade (Hard & Foamed)
• PVC Masterbatch
• XLPE Compounds

Other Products

• Steam Coal
• Ordinary Portland and Sulphate Resistant Cement
• Adstar P.P Woven Valve Bags for Cement Packaging
• Jumbo Bags (FIBC)
• Wire and Cables Machineries / Equipments
• All kinds of Wires drawing dies
• Graphite Flakes
• Quartz Sand
• Chromite

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